Solar Plant EPC

Our team of experts ensures quick and safe installations, which improve power density and reduces the impact on operations. We provide solutions in utility-scale solar projects and roof-mounted solar solutions.
Our solar offerings include:

Module Storage

  • Receiving and unloading modules with appropriate vehicles
  • Checking and comparing modules with delivery notes
  • Storage of modules (protection from weather, theft, damage, etc.)
  • Transport from storage site to point of installation

Structure for Modules

  • Preparation of soil/ground on site with all necessary works, like earth moving, digging, piling for foundation, and structure
  • Delivery, installation, and calibration of all necessary material
  • Installation of modules on prepared structure

Service Station

  • Delivery and installation of service stations for inverters, transformers, and switchboards
  • Internal wiring of stations

Security and Protection System

  • Delivery and installation of fence
  • Delivery and installation of security system as per customer requirement


  • Installation and laying of DC main cables from connection boxes, main junction boxes, to inverters
  • Connection of modules

Electrical Installation

  • Connection of modules to strings
  • Installation of connection boxes to metal structures
  • Installation of main junction box in service station/inverter room
  • Delivery and installation of cable channels


  • Delivery, installation, and connection for the grounding of equipment

Transformers and Inverters

  • Installation of transformers and inverters after delivery onsite from the storage house
  • Connection (AC cabling) between inverters and transformers
  • Delivery and installation of low voltage/medium voltage metering and protection system
  • Installation of lightning arrestors