Residential Pest Control

At Quess, we have dedicated teams that offer an effective Residential Pest Control program. Our experience of over 25 years in providing pest control services across all major cities in India ensures service of the highest quality.

We begin by inspecting your home with a focus on areas that attract pests. Our pest control agents will carry out an initial treatment to wipe out existing pests, followed by measures to prevent recurrence and an ongoing pest management program. We offer a comprehensive approach to pest management by adopting environmentally conscious methods.

Types of Treatment

We employ the following methods to keep pests out:

Interior Treatment

We check the entire house and work on areas where there is pest infestation. Based on your concerns, we use a combination of residual pesticides, repellents, lures, and traps to disinfect your home.

Boundary Treatment

The pests that enter your home often inhabit the landscape adjoining the house. If they are prevented from entering your house, there is little need to take interior pest control measures. At Quess FMS Pest Control, we have designed a Boundary Treatment program to reduce the need for any further interior treatments and to tackle such pests.